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Know Your Categories

  • Read through the categories available to your Club to enter and their descriptions.

  • Take the time to  discuss with your Committee and Managers categories that best represent your Club   

  • Nominate a person or sub-committee to complete the submissions

  • Review the questions in your chosen categories and ensure you know what you want to highlight in your submission

  • Check the Conditions for entry and ensure your Club is eligible

  • Prepare the supporting documents and information required;

    • Contact details of person nominating

    • Current photo of your Club

    • A high resolution version of your Club logo

    • Supporting documents including FY 2022/23 Statements

Complete the Submission/s

  • Follow the link for your chosen categorie/s to open the nomination form

  • The nomination forms are hosted by 'Google Forms' and will require either your Google account login or you can create a Google account.  Doing this provides the capability of saving your submission and returning to it later for editing once submitted.

  • Read the question/s carefully and ensure you provide as much detail as possible for each answer (remember some of the judges may never have visited your Club before)

  • Upload your supporting documents and materials

  • Click 'Submit'

  • If you wish to edit at a later date or complete your submission at a later date,  simply click the 'submit' button and a copy of what you have completed to that point will be emailed to you with a link to 'Edit Response'

Share & Review

  • Once you have submitted your form it would pay to share this with your fellow Committee Members or Managers to ensure the information is correct and there are no typos.  To do this simply forward the email you receive with your nomination to them.

  • If you have any edits simply follow the 'Edit Response' link on that email to re-open your submission.  Edit what you need and click the 'Submit' button again.

  • All submissions must be completed and submitted by Monday 15 July at 5pm.

  • If you have issues during any steps of this process contact Tehana Aikman - for assistance


Monday 15 July, 2024 - 5pm

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