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Monday 15 July, 2024 - 5pm

Clubs SA's Annual Clubs & Community Awards acknowledges and promotes the outstanding work undertaken by Clubs and it’s individuals within the South Australian Licensed Club Industry.  The nomination process is specifically designed to allow Clubs of all sizes to participate, while also providing individual categories to highlight specific activities and operations within their business.

While the judging process is rigorous, with a team of industry professionals volunteering their time to the panel, there is an understanding and acknowledgement of the variety and complexity of the Club industry in which they are judging.

Terms & Conditions for nominations are listed below.  Before commencing your submission form ensure you have the following information and documents on hand;

  • Club Name

  • Address

  • Suburb

  • Contact Person

  • Contact Person Position

  • Contact Email Address

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Current photo of your Club

  • Club Logo

  • Supporting documents

Please Note: Club of the Year Nominations will also require a copy of your Clubs 2019/20 FY Financial Statement



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  • Nominations are only open to current and financial Members of Clubs SA

  • Nominations are valid when the full submission form is completed including all required images and supporting documents

  • Clubs SA Board Members are not eligible to nominate for individual Award Categories

  • Insufficient nominations in any category will deem the category void

  • Submissions must answer all elements of the category questions

  • All supporting material must be provided at the time of submission

  • All images supplied may be used by Clubs SA for Marketing and Presentation purpose

  • Clubs and Individuals may be asked to be filmed for presentation at the Awards Dinner

  • Each 'Volunteer of the Year' nominee receives 1 free ticket to attend the Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner

  • Self nominations will not be accepted for the Individual categories.  The nomination must be completed by a fellow Committee Member or Club Manager.

  • Only 1 'Volunteer of the Year' nominee permitted per Club


 Please read the above information carefully before completing your submissions.

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  • Each member of the volunteer judging panel will be allocated, at random, a list of categories and associated submissions to judge. The criteria for each category will be outlined, requiring a scoring system to be followed.

  • The criteria for each category will vary and in most circumstances require a site visit to ‘experience’ the Club’s submission and judge accordingly.

  • In the case of individual categories, the judging for these categories will be conducted either in person or via phone/online interviews with all nominees.

  • All Community Categories will receive a phone call from the Judging Panel to elaborate and confirm the details of their Clubs submission.

  • Elements of the judging criteria not addressed in the submission process will be scored according to the site visit, phone call or interview associated with the category.


- “Small” and “Medium” Club of the Year categories can be nominated by completing the associated submission form.

- “Large” Club of the Year nominees must have entered (at least) 2 x Operational Categories along with 1 x Community Category.

- All Club of the Year nominations (including Large) will require the Clubs 2022/23 Financial Statements to be provided

- Turnover thresholds for eligibility into the Small, Medium and Large Club of the Year Categories (based on your 22/23 financials) are as follows;

  • Small:  Annual turnover less than $450,000

  • Medium: Annual turnover from $450,000 - $1,800,000

  • Large: Annual turnover over $1,800,000

Please read the above information carefully before completing your submissions.

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