2020 Operational Categories

~ Best Entertainment ~

Does your Club provide outstanding entertainment options for its members and guests?  This category captures everything from the type of entertainment, its appropriateness to a wide ranging audience, regularity and any facilities provided. At all times the size and turnover of the Club is taken into consideration when judging this Award.

~ Best Bar ~

This category looks at the Club who operates an exceptional bar.  Applicants must address member benefits, product variety, pricing, marketing and promotions, entertainment relating to the bar area, use of supplier relationships, commitment to the responsible service of alcohol and of course customer service.

All Clubs SA members have a licensed bar area that is a major income stream for the Club and therefore it should be an area of focus and pride.  This category will be judged on the best bar in relation to the size of the Club running it. 

~ Best Member Engagement ~

This category covers a number of former categories, allowing for a more holistic approach to the provision of member benefits and engagement by the Club.  Nominations will cover member entitlements and benefits, member communications and engagement, provision of member only events and member recruitment activities.


~ Best Dining – Bistro ~

(café service/order at bar/counter)

~ Best Dining – Restaurant ~

(full table service)

The Best Dining category this year is split into 2 categories; ‘Bistro’ and ‘Restaurant’.  If a Club provides multiple dining areas that cover both categories, they may enter either or both.

Best Dining involves a written submission providing information on the Club’s dining offers including menu options, dietary accommodations, profit margins and GP and value for money.  Both categories of Best Dining will also be judged following a site visit where scores will be awarded for quality of food, timing, customer service, ambiance/restaurant surrounds, quality of produce and hygiene.

~ Best Function Venue ~

Regardless of the size of its function space, all Clubs SA members are eligible to enter this category – where they will be judged on providing the best possible function options within their premises.  This category will be judged on the variety of functions and packages offered, value for money, testimonials and of course customer service.

~ Best Gaming Operations ~

An in depth judging process will take place for this category in 2020.  Submissions will address machine selection (including type and age), room layouts, customer service and use of member/loyalty systems.  Of course there will also be a major focus on harm minimization practices and compliance.

~ Best Hospitality Team ~

An award recognising an outstanding and cohesive team who is dedicated to their Club, its members and the community in general.  The team should work in unison, always be prepared to strive to achieve excellence, and whose attitude and contribution to their Club is recognized  both within and outside the Club.


~ Best Club Refurbishment ~

For those Clubs who have made significant improvements to their venue relative to its size over the past year.  Submissions will address the type of refurbishment, the impact relating to attendance and/or participation and who was integral in the projects success.

~ Best Club Marketing ~

Clubs will need to provide a full overview of their achievements in relation to marketing over the last 12 months.  Submissions will address platforms used, who and how many do the marketing and their role/s at the Club, results of campaigns and ongoing marketing, quality of website and review of membership marketing and communication materials.  Clubs of any size can enter this category as it is “bang for your buck” that the judges are most looking for.

~ Most Improved ~

If your Club has “kicked goals” over the past year this is your category.  Your submission will address what has improved at your Club, what measurable improvement can be seen and a review on how/why the improvements were made.  ‘Improvements’ can be in relation to infrastructure, membership, P&L, volunteer involvement or all of the above.  Again this is a category for all Clubs as smaller Clubs can do extraordinary things with very little.

~ Best Sporting Club ~

2020 sees the return of the Best Sporting Club award. A specialty for any Club that runs or has significant involvement in sport.  Submissions will address what impact and involvement the Club’s operations has on sport, any significant sporting achievements and what influence the Club has in the local sporting community.

~ Community Spirit  ~

This is a category for which all Clubs can nominate as Community Spirit embodies the Club Industry in South Australia and is not determined by profit or size.  Submissions will demonstrate the impact the Club has had on its local community through many mediums: financial, facilities, volunteers, marketing support, events and member engagement.  You will be asked to outline what your Club does for the community and provide testimonials that demonstrate the impact.

~ Best Club Operations ~

(requirement for Club of the Year – Large)

This returned category is now a required element if your Club wishes to be eligible for Club of the Year – Large, however it is also open to all Club sizes.  Best Club Operations will address the operational and technical facets of the Club including but not limited to Governance, Financial stability and Compliance.  This category will carry significant weight in the ‘Club of the Year – Large’ considerations.

2020 Individual Categories

~ Club Cook of the Year ~

An Award for non-certified cooks or volunteer kitchen staff.  The Award aims to represent and recognise the diversity of Club kitchen staff.  Nominees will put their spin on Club Classics through a cooking challenge.

~ Club Chef of the Year ~


An award for qualified chefs and sous chefs.  Awarded to a Chef whose attitude and dedication to innovation in the kitchen has created recognition and enthusiasm in your Club.  Nominees will put their spin on club classics through a cooking challenge

~ Young Employee of the Year ~

An award for an employee 25 year or under at 31 March 2020 who is highly regarded in the workplace by management and colleagues alike, and who has exceptional drive, energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and skills in their role.

~ Employee of the Year ~


An award for an employee 26 and over, who is highly regarded in the workplace by management and colleagues alike, consistently demonstrates excellence in the workplace and who promotes a positive image of your Club to the community.

~ Manager of the Year ~

An award for a Club manager who is responsible for running a proven successful Club and who has achieved great things over the past 12 months.


~ Volunteer of the Year ~

An award that recognises a volunteer who has become an invaluable part of the Club by going above and beyond expectations in creating a fantastic environment and greatly contributing to the Club’s success.

~ Club Committee Member of the Year ~

Committee Member of the Year is a new category and provides opportunity to nominate an individual who goes “above and beyond” in their role on the Committee at your Club.  Their commitment and passion will be demonstrated through testimonials from the committee and members and include examples of their tireless efforts for the Club.

2020 Club of the Year

~ Club of the Year – Small ~

Club of the Year Small (Annual turnover less than $500,000.) will be judged by lodging a submission..  Clubs will need to demonstrate strong performance across all aspects of their Club operations. This award recognises successful, vibrant and compliant clubs that can demonstrate exceptional examples of governance best-practice.


~ Club of the Year – Medium ~

Club of the Year Medium (Annual turnover from $500,000 to $2,000,000) will be judged by lodging a submission.  Clubs will need to demonstrate strong performance across all aspects of their Club operations. This award recognises successful, vibrant and compliant clubs that can demonstrate exceptional examples of governance best-practice.

~ Club of the Year – Large ~

Club of the Year – Large is determined by Clubs entering a minimum of 4 ‘Operational Categories’, one of which MUST be Best Club Operations.  The Club with the best overall rating will be named Club of the Year – Large.