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Welcome to the 2024 Clubs SA Clubs & Community Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2024 Clubs SA Clubs & Community Awards - a celebration of the incredible work South Australian Licensed Clubs undertake for their communities.

We look to recognise excellence in Community Services and hospitality operations, the individuals responsible for supporting and driving their Clubs success and of course the all-important 'Club of the Year' Awards.

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Community Awards

Grassroots Sport

Outstanding Community Service


Environmental Awareness

Individual Awards

Club Cook/Apprentice of the Year

Club Chef of the Year

Employee of the Year

Manager of the Year 

Volunteer of the Year

Operational Awards

Best Bar Environment

Best Dining - Café/Bistro

Best Function/Event Venue

Best Club Refurbishment

Best Gaming

Best Entertainment

Club of the Year Awards

Sporting Club of the Year

Club of the Year Small

Club of the Year Medium

Club of the Year Large

Like all clubs, our volunteers at Goodwood Saints work extremely hard. The Clubs SA awards are a great opportunity for us to put pen to paper and reflect on all we achieve together, and to celebrate the positive impact we have in our community. We found the process of entering easy and straightforward, and really welcomed the chance to celebrate being a finalist and award winner with our incredible volunteers and valued sponsors. The recognition that comes from being an awards finalist buoys our volunteers and helps us to retain our vital sponsors. Thanks Clubs SA for the time and effort to run the awards. 

Craig Scott | Goodwood Saints Football Club

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Entry is open to all Clubs SA Members

Being a nominee in any of the 19 categories available in this year's Awards provides a wonderful opportunity to promote your Club, celebrate the work it (and the individuals within it) does for the Community, along with being part of the industry camaraderie and friendly competition at the Annual Gala Dinner.

Each category provides a specific list of questions to best draw out the information our judging panel will need when adjudicating.  These questions are based on information that is easy to access for all Clubs, whilst also providing space and opportunity to 'boast' about the Club that you and your Members are so incredibly proud of.

Take a look at the list of categories below and their descriptions to see which best align with your Club and the work you have undertaken over the last 12 months.




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Before you begin

To simplify the nomination process as much as possible, there are a few key steps you should follow:

  1. Read through all the categories and their descriptions first, note which best reflect your Club and the activities it excels in

  2. Arm yourself with key information and attachments.  You will require (at a minimum) contact information, a high resolution logo and any additional supporting material relevant to the category you are nominating in

  3. Follow the links and review the categories in the online form process (contact Clubs SA if you have any concerns or questions)

  4. Commence your nomination. 

  5. You can return to a nomination form after you click 'Submit' to either finish or edit your submission

  6. Read through the submission, or even better get someone else to read through before the closure date. 

  7. Ensure all your attachments are loaded correctly.

Click the link below to read more on how to enter

The award process culminated in an amazing dinner at Adelaide Oval where the Ardrossan Bowling Club received the ‘Clubs SA Small Club of the Year Award’ bringing with it wide exposure, including an interview on the ABC Radio and local newspaper, articles in our town magazine and general talk within the community..... Give it a go as we never expected the accolades which we received.

Charmaine Simmons | Ardrossan Bowling Club

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